About Us

Shale Energy Resources is a turnkey events and marketing firm. We provide a service of putting buyers and sellers together in one space in order to conduct business with one another. Networking, marketing and branding are our specialty and we get the results your company deserves.


Jeff Kennedy is a seasoned professional in the Oil & Gas Industry. Jeff's career, which spans back to the early 2000s, has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a passion for making a positive impact in the industry.

Jeff's foray into the Oil & Gas sector began in sales in the early 2000s, where he honed his skills and developed a deep understanding of the industry's intricacies. In 2014, Jeff made a move into the marketing side of the field, joining an Oil & Gas Marketing and Consulting Firm. This transition allowed him to bring his extensive sales experience to a new realm.

In 2018, Jeff and Miranda embarked on a new chapter by co-founding Shale Energy Resources. This venture was driven by a shared vision of giving back to the community through impactful events. By blending their expertise, Jeff and Miranda aimed to create opportunities that not only benefited the industry but also contributed to the greater good.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Jeff is deeply involved in community service. Currently serving as the President of the Haynesville Oilfield Helping Hands Chapter, he plays a key role in fostering support and assistance within the industry. Additionally, Jeff sits on the advisory board for the Oil & Gas Workers Association, contributing his insights to help shape the industry's future.

In his spare time, Jeff finds solace and excitement in competitive Bass Fishing. This pursuit not only reflects his love for outdoor activities but also underscores his dedication to excellence, whether in his professional or personal endeavors.

Jeff and Miranda call Longview, Texas, home, where they balance their professional commitments with the joys and responsibilities of raising five children. This blend of family values, community service, and a passion for the industry encapsulates the essence of Jeff Kennedy's professional and personal journey. As he continues to make waves in the Oil & Gas sector, Jeff remains a shining example of dedication, leadership, and a commitment to leaving a positive legacy.


Miranda has a  career history spanning banking, education, and entrepreneurship.

Miranda's entrepreneurial spirit came to the forefront when she took the reins of her own company for over 15 years, honing her skills in strategic planning, leadership, and innovation. Her experience as a business owner equipped her with a unique perspective on navigating challenges and fostering growth.

In 2017, Miranda transitioned into the realm of Oil & Gas, joining an Oil & Gas Marketing and Consulting Firm as a Marketing Coordinator. Her ability to fuse creativity with practical business solutions set her apart in the competitive industry.

Fueling their passion for making a positive impact, Miranda, alongside Jeff, founded Shale Energy Resources in 2018. This venture was not just about business; it was about giving back to the community. 

Miranda and Jeff call Longview, Texas, home, where they balance their professional pursuits with a family life that includes raising five children.



Allie Mori, an accomplished professional with a marketing and design background from Texas Tech, shines as the driving force behind Shale Energy Resources' marketing initiatives. Hailing from Weatherford, Texas, Allie's journey began with accolades in college for her outstanding marketing prowess. Currently serving as both a marketing leader and a adept sales representative, she brings a unique blend of creativity and strategic insight to the energy sector.

Outside the corporate realm, Allie finds tranquility in the outdoors, often accompanied by her beloved dog Bentley. Known for her quick thinking, she not only excels in her roles but is also a passionate advocate for upcoming events, ensuring everyone stays in the loop. Allie Mori: where professional acumen meets a love for nature, making her a compelling force in the marketing landscape.